A tingly feeling inside.

Doesn’t it just make your day when you get something done that you’ve been meaning to do for forever?

Take today for instance, I’ve been “fixin ta” clean my car for about 4 months. I had a day off so, what better time to do it than the present?

While cleaning my car, I found a steering wheel cover that I had meant to put on my car’s human interface device roughly 2 years ago.

Now my car is half clean and my steering wheel gives more of an “Old Man” impression than it did…but it doesn’t burn my hands as much and grips better. A great trade says I.

Steering Wheel Cover

My old mans car just got older.

And yes, I laced the cover to the wheel instead of wrapping it. It’s more comfortable to the grip that way.

1 thought on “A tingly feeling inside.

  1. Tabetha

    But old men drive nice cars, right? 😉 At least your car has the smooth ride to go with the old man look….at least compared to our van! 😀


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