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These are the snippits of randomness and wit from that infamous Dan Delyon.

Good times

“A bird out of hand is worse than two in the bush.” ~Dan Delyon

“To those who are lactose intolerant, life is more like a box of chocolates than they’d like to admit.” ~Dan Delyon

“I discovered last birthday, that one can truly halve one’s cake and eat it too.” ~Dan Delyon

“Does a man lack for nothing who is content with nothing?” ~Dan Delyon


“To some, world premier means the first time something has been seen. To others, it is their life’s ambition.” ~Dan Delyon


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“An enemy of my enemy is my friend…or else may be my friend…or else may be me. The friend of my enemy’s friend may be anyone, and the friend of my second cousin six times removed might be a an even more distant relative. In a word, all relationships are relative. Even so, the fellow who was removed six times gets points for persistence.” ~Dan Delyon

Dandy Philosophy

“Science seeks to poke every hornets nest to see what will happen. Technology seeks to harness the hornets to do its bidding. Philosophy seeks to understand why there are hornets. All three can lead to absolute insanity if they are separated from a purposeful reality — from the purposeful reality.” ~Dan Delyon

“Being right is far less important than staying right, and far easier to do.” ~Dan Delyon

“Hard choices are the ones you wish someone else could make for you, but know you would regret not making for yourself.” ~Dan Delyon


Not sure of original source. I found this second hand so to speak.

“Half of a true course won’t get you to your destination.” ~Dan Delyon

“Happiness is determined by your contentment level, and contentedness can never be achieved with an empty soul.”  ~Dan Delyondna


“An insult is just a complement taken without creativity.”

“The best insults are always unintentional, and mostly true.”

“No one can insult you if you never care. And also, no one can love you. You really can’t have both.”

The Plan

A flower may wilt, and beauty may fade
but the God who created refuses to change.

His promise not temporal, his power not fading

Divine inspirer gave his plan away.


Follies of persons on earth, bound to earth.

Never impeding the showering of love

but heading His call, do every good deed

Until the world knows; their reward then received.


A bigger plan ever, than man could devise

Is acted in sequence before the unwitting.

A shame that no knowledge can reach the unwilling

Who live for fulfilling

the desire of the eyes.


Rise and show yourself strong.



Life is more than you make of it. If it were only what you made of it, it wouldn’t be worth living. ~Dan Delyon

Will“Where there’s a will, there’s a lawyer.” ~Dan Delyon

“Sleep is not a luxury; it’s a necessity that was meant to be enjoyed. ~Dan Delyon

“Counting sheep is an exercise in laziness.” ~Dan Delyon

“Have you ever wondered why people love to complain? I just can’t stand it.” ~Dan Delyon