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These are the snippits of randomness and wit from that infamous Dan Delyon.

“Aim low and don’t settle for anything less.” ~Dan Delyon

“I have mused over many theological and philosophical questions in my life, but the most important one by far is…Is Elvis dead, alive, or at Wal-mart? There are no other plausible options.” ~Dan Delyon

“My best ideas come from thinking inside a box. You have to block out all distractions if you want to come up with good ideas.”  ~Dan Delyon

“The answer is useless without the question.” ~ Dan Delyon

“Power in the hands of short sighted men and women is the cause of most of the worlds bubbles.” ~Dan Delyon (On the cause of the housing market crash.)

“Why must the good ones always gather moss?” ~Dan Delyon

Dan D Fortune Cookie.

“Count your blessings, not your successes and true success will find you instead.” ~Dan Delyon

“Can you imagine what would happen if everyone got online at once? I’d be like the day the earth stood still…not because it would overload the internet, but because people don’t usually move around too much while online.” ~Dan Delyon

So so sad:

“… And the English language dies with a whimper.” ~Dan Delyon

“We all wish dreams didn’t come true… Just look at what would happen if everyone else’s dreams of power came true? What we actually mean is that we hope our dreams will come true as the exception to the rule.” ~Dan Delyon

“Have you ever noticed that people like to laugh for no reason? Well it’s not true. They don’t like to, but they do it anyway.” ~Dan Delyon

“If wishes were fishes then we’d all be in the ocean. As we don’t have gills, this might become troublesome.” ~Dan Delyon