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Myself as a RPG Charactor

Gedeon (גִּדְעוֹן)

Level 4 Ministerial Beginner

Base skill modifiers:

Interpretation +2
Expository Skill +1
Theological Argumentation +2
Ancient Languages -3
Cross Cultural +2
Primary Leadership -3

Special Feats:

Leading Worship +2
Leading Children +3
Technical Wizardry +6

This character is especially suited for assistant pastoral positions in small to medium sized churches where the odd jobs abound. He could also function well in a medium sized church as overseer of these ministries as his intermediate leadership skills are strong, however due to the negative modifier on primary leadership, you should probably avoid placing him in this position as it may lead to critical mental fatigue.

Unintentional Self Homicide Averted!

Labels can save lives.

Today I had to rush to clean a house. I had a bottle for one of the cleaning solutions I would need, but realized that I didn’t have a bottle for the second one.

Being the clever problem solver that I am, I grabbed a Frebreze bottle and emptied it’s contents into the only container I had on hand…

Later tonight, I was on the phone and needed a drink of water,  so I reached for the water bottle I had conveniently left on my dresser.

First thought was, “This water is nasty!”

Second Thought was “My mouth is going numb.”

Third thought was more of a life-flashing-before-my-eyes type thing.

I’m writing to assure everyone that I’m still alive. I should regain my sense of taste sometime within the next week or so. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. This lesson was learned memorably.


When good men do nothing.

It has been said, over and over, and restated and restated, but it’s only… almost true.

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

But upon further evaluation,

It’s impossible for good men to do nothing.


I really thought about ending this post with that last remark because I love understating beautiful things, but I’m afraid that the implications of this remark are not altogether clear at first. I can safely say I had the wrong idea for a long time. I had the idea that since I was a good man, I should summon the courage to go out and do good, stop evil, and change the world, and that God wanted my participation in this. This was my mission…

And that’s half true, but half of a true course won’t get you to your destination. He does want my participation…but I was missing a key concept. Seeking Gods kingdom first and His righteousness isn’t about social reform, nor some great mission to see souls saved, nor even about showing kindness to a stranger. It’s about following the only man who is good, and doing what he asks. If you are near Him, He won’t fail to direct you to show kindness to strangers, see souls saved, or help in His cause to see society formed into His image, but the Messiah is patient, and not all of this will happen as soon as I want it to.

In my lifetime, I expect to see persecution for bearing Christs name. I expect the temptation I’m facing in my own life will only get stronger, BUT, As I get closer to Him and His desires, those other desires will become less important, and growing in the fruits of the Spirit, I will find it true that

It’s impossible for good men to do nothing.



Again, I just wanted to stop there but couldn’t. You see, I feel I must explain my reason for writing this. It isn’t because I didn’t know all of this.

It’s because I know and forget so often. The Holy One keeps showing me the same things over and over, and I get it for a while, then I get distracted from pursuing Christ and I fall into accomplishing nothing. Then, at some point I convince myself that I need to pick myself up by my bootstraps and get something done for the Lord. Then he lays on me the obviousness of my dependency on Him, and I can only hope that I remember longer next time. So, this post is as much for my sake as all you who read it at a later date. And for those of you who don’t follow Christ… You have no idea what you’re missing out on.

The trouble with the world is

If you can do anything you like, how are you to know what you like until you try it?

You jolly well can’t like everything, and who’s got time to try them all in the first place?

Problem! Life is simply too short.

Solution! A better one awaits.

How do I know? Well, that’s a long story, but it begins in a garden and ends with a wedding involving the Lion of Judah. Most of the story happens in what we would call the past, but the best parts are still to come.

Just think of that, a book spanning all tenses written vicariously by a God who is in all times and effecting good always! You can’t beat a story like that. No author has been able to touch that and no one ever will.

Healthy in New England.

I remember when my dad made me till a vegetable garden with a maddox.

In the middle of a Mississippi summer, this was brutal. Of course, I did appreciate the muscle tone I suddenly had after three weeks of using this monster. I was about 12 I think, but the ground was an awful clay stuff that stuck to the maddox making it even heavier than it already was if I tried to do it while the ground was wet…and would hardly give way if I tried to till while the ground was dry.

I forgot to mention that I wasn’t alone. My younger brother and I would take turns at it. I probably would have burned out pretty quick if it hadn’t been for the friendly competition.

I didn’t find out till I was looking for a picture of a Maddaxe just now, that it wasn’t a madaxe, it was a maddox. I had been pronouncing it slightly wrong for the last 15 years. Fortunately, it’s not a word you use every day.


I suppose every post should have a point, so my point is this:

Snowy New England winters offer much better ways to get in shape!

If you run out of driveway to shovel, shovel a neighbor. If you run out of neighbors, shovel the yard!

When you come in, you will wonder who turned the heat up to a thousand degrees, but the health benefits are wonderful!

Let just restart now.

Windows just reminded me why I don’t like it. I just resumed Vista (vmware fusion uses the hibernate function of windows) when I copied a file over…and the system promptly restarted itself. No warning whatsoever. There probably was supposed to be a dialogue box to click on, but no such box appeared because the OS had just been resumed. Only IDIOTS thinks it’s a good idea to restart your computer for you if you DON’T tell it not to. I would send a letter to Microsoft if I thought anyone would read it AND have any authority to change it. I hope for all their customers sakes that they have corrected this aberrant behavior in windows 7 or beyond. I gave up on windows (except through a VM for rare occasions) after barely becoming proficient with Vista. This means that all windows 7/8/RT/”insert rubbish here” using family and friends will have to figure stuff out on their own. I do mac and linux. Don’t need unstable operating systems.


Doubt that the end justifies the means, but never doubt that the end is justified. Meet the needs of others, but never meet the proud. Never fail unless you must, and fail with grace, content to try. Walk the race, then run and trip,  always get up, never give up, for no one dies who wins the crown.