Let just restart now.

Windows just reminded me why I don’t like it. I just resumed Vista (vmware fusion uses the hibernate function of windows) when I copied a file over…and the system promptly restarted itself. No warning whatsoever. There probably was supposed to be a dialogue box to click on, but no such box appeared because the OS had just been resumed. Only IDIOTS thinks it’s a good idea to restart your computer for you if you DON’T tell it not to. I would send a letter to Microsoft if I thought anyone would read it AND have any authority to change it. I hope for all their customers sakes that they have corrected this aberrant behavior in windows 7 or beyond. I gave up on windows (except through a VM for rare occasions) after barely becoming proficient with Vista. This means that all windows 7/8/RT/”insert rubbish here” using family and friends will have to figure stuff out on their own. I do mac and linux. Don’t need unstable operating systems.

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