Symmetrical Tears

Mira looked down at the two pieces of bread held out by the stranger, either unable to comprehend that someone would give away food, or wary of the gift, but in the end she took it and devoured it.

A few tears slipped down her cheek. She had never been given such a present.

She was the first of the children to be given food that day and was followed by twenty or so other starving people. They were all that were left of her village after the flooding and disease.

She looked up to see the womans tears flowing as she watched them all eat, overwhelmed by what she saw. She had never seen such need before.

It wasn’t the food that kept Mira going. It was the shared tear.

Authors note: I really do hate tear-jerkers. I always have.

The purpose of this is not so that you will have something to cry over and then feel better about your life. I should think that you can figure out the purpose with a few moments thought.

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