The Quest for Professionality

Some would have you belive that professionality is a myth. I would have you believe it is not a word in the Oxford English dictionary, but it is commonly used anyway.

But that’s off topic. My topic for tonight is going to be based off of the definition kindly provided by Websters Dictionary, who are a little less professional about what words they define.


(noun) : the quality or state of being a professional

Submitted by: James Thompson from Massachusetts on Nov. 04, 2010 15:17

(noun) : A Combination of professionalism and personality.

During my visit to a prestigous law firm I noticed the receptionist had both a bright smile and professionality.

So the questions of the night are:

  1. What makes one personable and professional at the same time?
  2. What are the Characteristics of Professionality.
  3. Who cares?

Answer these correctly and I will give you a digital cookie.

Now go! And don’t return without a pinch of reason, a smidgen of wisdom, and half an ounce of common sense.


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