Don’t compromise your email address!

Chain mail is designed to be passed on…but Don’t!

computer full of spam.

It opens you and others up for spam and virus attacks. How? did you ever notice that the message you just received has between 20 and 2,000 email addresses before you even got to the message? This is because email is designed to be convenient…not safe. All you have to do to save yourself from becoming a target for spam and viruses is to send mail only to people you know or trust, or just to one person at a time… and don’t ever forward something that induces the next person to send the email on. If you simply MUST send on that chain letter, copy just the message and paste it by itself into a new message. That way, if it falls into enemy hands, you’ve not handed over other peoples email addresses…just your own. I’d recommend posting a note in bold at the top of the email that says something to the effect of:

If you decide to forward this message, please copy the body of the email leaving out email addresses before you do. This will help to prevent spamming. Then copy and paste this note so that others will know to do the same.”

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