Why does a good thing never last?

Every time I find something that is truly outstanding, it goes away. Back in my wild days, I found this really awesome flavor for energy drinks. Guava is fantastic as an energy drink flavor, but apparently it didn’t sell well, because after a few months of finding it, I was unable to find it anywhere in the Nashville area. Stupid supply and demand (grumble grumble..)

Before that I found a really good pesticide, and of course they stopped selling it.

This time I decided to fight back. I have found a really good, and I do mean REALLY good flavor of chip. I’m pretty sure it must have kind of controlled substance in it because I definitely failed the dare to eat just one. Go buy one, try it and tell your friends.

hint of lime

Please buy me!

Then you can call the warehouse and order enough to make it through the upcoming famine in style.

*Note, although I wish I was getting paid to write this, or some other kind of kick back, this effort has been made for the sake of the greater good of humanity, which involves lime flavored corn chips…….but I’ll have to get back to you later on how that works exactly.

1 thought on “Why does a good thing never last?

  1. Tabetha

    Wow! I know exactly where you’re coming from! I have done this same thing, usually with hot teas! I must have unusual tastes because every time I find one that is better than any other, they stop selling it in stores!

    I also went to a Bigelow site once to see if they still made vanilla hazelnut tea. They did, but to order it I had to order a whole case that would probably last me 3 years!! 🙂

    It seems like this has also happened to me with new buildings. Usually I am there for the planning and looking forward to, but the building is usually built right after I have left. This has happened to me at least 3 times! I guess I am destined to be a preparer more than an enjoyer!


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