Unintentional Self Homicide Averted!

Labels can save lives.

Today I had to rush to clean a house. I had a bottle for one of the cleaning solutions I would need, but realized that I didn’t have a bottle for the second one.

Being the clever problem solver that I am, I grabbed a Frebreze bottle and emptied it’s contents into the only container I had on hand…

Later tonight, I was on the phone and needed a drink of water,  so I reached for the water bottle I had conveniently left on my dresser.

First thought was, “This water is nasty!”

Second Thought was “My mouth is going numb.”

Third thought was more of a life-flashing-before-my-eyes type thing.

I’m writing to assure everyone that I’m still alive. I should regain my sense of taste sometime within the next week or so. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. This lesson was learned memorably.


A story of Forgiveness

A while back, when I was around five or six… I had a dream. It was like any other dream I suppose, except that in the end, I murdered one of my siblings. I haven’t seen any data to suggest that such dreams are normal, but I haven’t actively sought out that data either. After all, what’s in a dream? A thought at any other time might smell as sweet.

As I mentioned before, I was quite young and this dream scared me, but who could I tell? I didn’t want the one I murdered to fear me. For that matter I didn’t want my parents or siblings to fear that I would push them into a volcano too.

Let me just mention that not all of my early fears were rational. Did I mention that I used to be afraid of the moon?

So, after mulling over the dilemma for most of the day, I decided to sleep on it. I regretted it in the middle of the night when I pushed my brother into a volcano again.

I really don’t know how Cain dealt with the guilt of murdering his brother, but It kept me up for a good portion of the night, and I had to forgive my older brother for whatever it is that he had done to me a few days ago as soon as we were both conscious.

Only in hindsight did I learn these two lessons.

  • Don’t go hiking on the rim of a volcano with a brother you are mad at.
  • Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath.

Those are in no particular order.volcano

“Being smart has its advantages and disadvantages…like getting smacked across the mouth, for instance.” ~Dan Delyon

“Fault can be found with any system that systematizes other systems.” ~Dan Delyon

“Peace is not the absence of trouble, it’s the absence of troublemakers.” ~Dan Delyon

More like kids

Sometimes I think about the fact that I could get along with adults easier if they would act a little bit more like children in a few key areas.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I think that kids are perfect little angels when they were born, then somehow go wrong as thet get older. I’m really not that naive, haha… I have several nieces and nephews.

Children tend to be quite open to other people, and they are not afraid to admit when they really have no idea. I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of that in the world these days. I’m trying to work on that myself.

Repetitions child

There is an age-old saying that goes like this, “Repetition is the mother of Learning”…but I would posit to you that Repetition is the mother of two children. One was born with no hands.

Bored ChildThe only difference between Learning and Boredom is application.

If you can’t or don’t apply what you’re repeating, it will become boring.

One builds, the other destroys.

Great things can come from people escaping Boredom, but only depression comes from people living in it.

Lives were made to have purpose.

Thoughts without merit

So many opinions, with so few facts. They come to the table, just to give us their backs. Set in their ways, with no excuse of age, they wage a war of words with high morals, but half of the picture. They spout scripture, but only the parts they’re down with. I’m starting to drown with all these vain words.


For my artsy friends, you are 100% free to use this in part or whole in your art. I just really felt compelled to put my thoughts to verse.