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The sin discount program

This may not come as a big shock to you, but I don’t understand God.

I really feel like His trouble would have been better served if he had set up a sin discount program. He went and paid for all of my sin without me having to do anything for it…but imagine if He had done partial payment instead! That way, I could feel better about myself since I chipped in some. I could punish myself for my sins and earn the rest of my forgiveness! Wouldn’t that help me remember not to do it again? I’d think so.

However, the Only wise God seems to think my help in his plan of salvation is tantamount to a three year old wanting to help her dad design a website… Cute, but counterproductive.


Could use some feedback here

I originally was going to put this up on facebook only, but decided to move it here because I want to put it out in all the forums I have godly friends in.

In my limited experience, I’ve never seen a novel adaptation of the Bible. I’ve seen plays, and movies, andBible portions of the Bible turned into historical fiction, but I’ve never heard of anyone taking the Bible, and going from Genesis to Revelation in story form.
The thought that drives me is this, when I read the Bible in order, the story is slightly out of order, and often whole books written for teaching and historical background, are easy to get bogged down in. I’ve found that reading the gospels side by side can give you a whole new picture of Jesus’ ministry…so imagine if the whole Bible were placed rearranged into a story. I’d put portions of the Psalms in Kings, mix in the apostolic letters with acts, combine the gospels. It’d be tough, but it could be done.
Obviously, there are a hundred ways to do it wrong. But imagine if it were done well! Would that be something you wanted to read, or does it strike you as sacrilege, and what pitfalls do you see for this project?

The trouble with the world is

If you can do anything you like, how are you to know what you like until you try it?

You jolly well can’t like everything, and who’s got time to try them all in the first place?

Problem! Life is simply too short.

Solution! A better one awaits.

How do I know? Well, that’s a long story, but it begins in a garden and ends with a wedding involving the Lion of Judah. Most of the story happens in what we would call the past, but the best parts are still to come.

Just think of that, a book spanning all tenses written vicariously by a God who is in all times and effecting good always! You can’t beat a story like that. No author has been able to touch that and no one ever will.

Healthy in New England.

I remember when my dad made me till a vegetable garden with a maddox.

In the middle of a Mississippi summer, this was brutal. Of course, I did appreciate the muscle tone I suddenly had after three weeks of using this monster. I was about 12 I think, but the ground was an awful clay stuff that stuck to the maddox making it even heavier than it already was if I tried to do it while the ground was wet…and would hardly give way if I tried to till while the ground was dry.

I forgot to mention that I wasn’t alone. My younger brother and I would take turns at it. I probably would have burned out pretty quick if it hadn’t been for the friendly competition.

I didn’t find out till I was looking for a picture of a Maddaxe just now, that it wasn’t a madaxe, it was a maddox. I had been pronouncing it slightly wrong for the last 15 years. Fortunately, it’s not a word you use every day.


I suppose every post should have a point, so my point is this:

Snowy New England winters offer much better ways to get in shape!

If you run out of driveway to shovel, shovel a neighbor. If you run out of neighbors, shovel the yard!

When you come in, you will wonder who turned the heat up to a thousand degrees, but the health benefits are wonderful!